Adverity secures $120M from SoftBank Vision Fund 2 as demand for marketing analytics booms

Latest investment reflects the growing global importance of marketing data analytics. Proceeds will be used to evolve Adverity’s predictive technology stack for marketers.

(维也纳, 奥地利, 8月16日, 2021)——Adverity, 快速增长的市场分析平台, today announced it has closed a $120 million Series D financing round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 21现有投资者Sapphire Ventures也参与了这轮融资.

Adverity’s mission is to transform marketing performance through intelligent data-driven insights. The Vienna-born business – with offices in London and New York – has seen a 120% client uplift in the last 12 months amid an expanding portfolio of global brands and agencies that include IKEA, 红牛, 联合利华, 慷慨陈词, 和沃达丰. 这是在公司历史上表现最好的一个季度之后, 过去四年的复合年增长率为105%, 自2019年以来,快速增长的全球团队规模增长了300%.

在这么多年里进行了三轮投资, 在此之前不到16个月,Adverity刚刚获得了3000万美元的第三轮融资. 最新一轮融资使该公司的总融资超过1.65亿美元.

根据市场研究未来, 全球数据分析市场将达到132美元.9 billion by 2026 amid a growing need for businesses to extract the most value from their data. 随着数据隐私和安全成为企业越来越重要的问题, demand has only accelerated with the ongoing debate around third-party cookies which threatens to fundamentally change how marketers track performance. 与此同时, turbulent market conditions caused by COVID-19 have amplified the pressure on marketers to justify their investments and make fast, 准确的, 技术决策.

Adverity’s ability to efficiently integrate disparate data sources and deliver goal-orientated insights out of the box has positioned it at the forefront of these changes, enabling companies to effectively use their marketing data to drive growth and avoid getting left behind.

该平台已经率先转向预测分析, 自动标记异常的地方, 趋势, and patterns enables marketers to proactively identify and seize emerging opportunities and address potential problems. 特别是, 他们最新的功能, ROI顾问, has been released as a direct response to data privacy concerns as it allows marketers to track performance without the need for third-party cookies. Proceeds from the investment will evolve its product range to continue adding value on top of data by providing seamless, forward-looking insights and detailed recommendations for the next best marketing steps, 除了对ROI进行清晰的监督.

亚历山大Igelsböck,腾讯五分彩的首席执行官和联合创始人, comments: “There is a multitude of marketing tools available but the quantity of new tools that marketers implement doesn’t matter – what matters are the insights that help companies drive growth and avoid missteps. In today’s data-centric climate, every successful company must have data analytics at its core.

“软银愿景基金2认识到了腾讯五分彩业务的价值, understanding that our platform is a critical component for any modern Martech stack. 用自动化来做重物的搬运, marketers can move beyond ‘point in time’ performance data and harness insights that not only power and validate better decisions now, 但积极主动的选择可以改善未来的结果.”

软银投资顾问(SoftBank Investment Advisers)合伙人拉姆•崔彻(Ram Trichur), 他补充道:“随着全球品牌数字渠道的快速增长, 数据集成, 协调, and the use of real time AI analytics are now a must-have tool to effectively connect with B2C and B2B audiences. Adverity is transforming the marketing analytics sector by making it more insights-driven. We’re excited by the substantial opportunity to scale the platform’s technology and international reach.”

1 截至本新闻稿发布之日,软银集团有限公司. has made capital contributions to allow investments by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 ("SVF 2") in certain portfolio companies. The information included herein is made for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy limited partnership interests in any fund, 包括SVF 2. svf2还没有外部闭合器, and any potential third-party investors shall receive additional information related to any SVF 2 investments prior to closing. The transaction remains subject to statutory closing conditions and is expected to complete shortly.


adverity——管理团队- 2021

Adverity's Management Team (left to right): Christina Schlesinger (Chief Customer Officer), Andreas Glänzer(首席运营官), Alexander Igelsböck(首席执行官), 哈里特·德恩福德-史密斯(首席营销官), Martin Brunthaler(首席技术官)

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Adverity是市场营销的智能数据分析平台, 销售, 和电子商务, 使洞察和数据驱动的决策更快更容易. 将孤立的数据转化为可操作的洞见, Adverity reduces the complexity involved in demonstrating the return on investment across channel spend and reduces the time-to-value from your data.

通过从数百个数据源自动化数据集成, 腾讯五分彩提供了单一的市场营销观点, 销售, 以及整个业务的电子商务表现. 借助强大的数据可视化和预测分析功能, the end-to-end platform reveals tangible insights to improve performance and uncovers real-time opportunities that drive decisions and fuel growth.



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